- About Us
We are SLOT, a multi-disciplinary design studio located in New Delhi, India. Our founders, an engineer, and a spatial designer, unite with a shared vision: crafting wholesome spaces tailored to meet each client’s need.
- What We Do

Spatial Design

Shaping and organizing physical spaces that range from an interior, an exhibition, or an outdoor environment. Creating a harmonious environment that elevates the human experience.

Lighting Design

Weaving together the art of illumination with science, lighting enhances the functionality, aesthetics, and mood of the space. Lighting plays a pivotal role in the emotional appeal of any environment.

Product Design

When designing spaces, custom-made objects such as bespoke furniture, unique lighting fixtures, and tailored mechanisms play a crucial role. These specialized creations fill the gap left by off-the-shelf options, ensuring that every aspect of the space aligns perfectly with the envisioned design.

Graphic & Textures

Adding depth to any project involves invoking both its visual and tactile senses. Graphics, as a potent form of communication, step in when mere words would prove insufficient.
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